Wedding Terms & Conditions

The boring legal stuff, but important.
Weddings – Contract Terms and Conditions

In these conditions of contract the following definitions will apply:
“the photographer” shall mean Graeme Stark
“the client” shall mean those whose names appear on the contract.
The performance of the contract is subject to the following conditions and cannot be varied in any way unless expressly agreed by the photographer in writing.

1. Licence and Coverage

1.1 The photographer will be granted artistic licence in relation to any poses, locations and settings. Every effort will be made to comply with the clients’ requirements, though the photographers’ judgement regarding location, setting, poses and number of photographs will be deemed correct and final.
1.2 Churches and other venues can place restrictions on the movements of the photographer; photographing the ceremony may also be restricted or prohibited by the minister or official responsible. The photographer will work within the requirements of the minister or official, the photographer cannot accept responsibility for the limited coverage that might occur as the result of any restrictions.
1.3 The photographer will endeavour to fulfil the clients’ requirements, but cannot be held responsible for the non-availability of any persons, nor adverse conditions which may cause delays to, or prevent the coverage of planned aspects of the day.
1.4 Alterations to confirmed bookings can only be made at the discretion of the photographer. The photographer will endeavour to comply with any changes, but if the photographer is unable to accommodate the requested alterations (e.g. change of date) the photographer is not liable to compensate the client in any way whatsoever.

2. Copyright
2.1 The copyright of the images remains exclusively the right of the photographer, in accordance with the Copyright and Design Act 1988. It is illegal to copy the images, or allow them to be copied by any means whatsoever, unless written permission has been granted by the photographer.

3. Use and Display of Images
3.1 The client agrees to the photographer using the images in any way to promote the work and business of the photographer providing that the images are used lawfully and without damage to the client. Such usage will include, but is not restricted to:
• Websites;
• Social media;
• Advertising;
• Publicity materials;
• Brochures.

4. Colour Reproduction
4.1 It is not always possible to reproduce colours precisely as seen by the human eye. The photographer will endeavour to produce an overall colour balance based on flesh tones.
4.2 Colours may not remain consistent over a range of images due to variations in lighting conditions.
4.3 Photographic printing is subject to technical limitations, and the colour balance may not remain identical over a range of images. Prints made in different sizes and at different times may also be subject to colour variation.
4.4 Images supplied electronically will be in JPEG format and compatible with Windows 7 operating system. The photographer is not responsible in any way whatsoever if the client is unable to access the images due to the incompatibility of the clients equipment or software with the JPEG files.
4.5 Computer monitors and the way they display images vary, the clients understands that the images may appear different on different monitors, and that any prints may appear different to images as they appear on monitors.
4.6 All print, presentation and album sizes are approximate.

5. Payment
5.1 The price agreed between the photographer and client will be the full and final price for the photography and provision of images and will not be varied in any way.
5.2 A non-refundable booking fee of £150 is required to secure the photographers services for the day. The balance is due no later than 30 days before the wedding.
5.3 Any upgrades to packages are payable no later than 14 days before the wedding, or at the time of ordering if an album upgrade is requested after the wedding.
5.4 All re-orders are treated as being within the terms and conditions of this contract.

6. Cancellation
6.1 If the booking is cancelled by the client within 14 days of being made, the booking fee will be refunded in full, provided that the cancellation is made not less than 90 days before the wedding. If the client cancels the booking 15 days or more after the booking was made, the booking fee will not be refunded; if the client cancels the booking less than 14 days after it was made, but less than 90 days before the wedding the booking fee will not be refunded.
6.2 Cancellations made 30 days or less before the wedding incur the full charge agreed.
6.3 If the wedding is postponed the conditions at 6.1 and 6.2 will apply if the photographer is unavailable or unable to provide the services at the re-arranged wedding. Any additional costs caused the photographer by postponement or re-arrangement will be paid by the client in full in accordance with the clauses in (5) above.
6.4 In the highly unlikely event of a cancellation by the photographer, the photographers’ liability is limited to a full refund of the booking fee and other payments made to him by the client in relation to the wedding. If a re-shoot is required as the result of the photographers’ cancellation the photographer is not responsible for any further costs.
6.5 In the event of a cancellation by the photographer the photographer will endeavour to find another photographer on behalf of the client. The photographer is not responsible for the costs charged by any replacement photographer, nor does the photographer have any liability whatsoever for the photography, image provision or contract into which the client enters with any replacement photographer.